Longmada 510 E-dab rigs Ceramic and Quartz Heating Chamber Wickless Coil

1x G9 Glass bubbler
1 x Mr.bald III Quartz coil with base
1 x Magnetic Cap
1 x Dabber
2x Replace A ceramic coil
2x Replace Quartz coil
The E nail is the first smallest portable dab nail on the nails market.
It was designed to be the future dabbing device for Dry Herb, honey oil or concentrates.
Now, the dream has come ture. No butane torch, No power cable, No heating coil.
With a waterproof solid plastic travel case, you can dab anywhere, dabs anytime as you wish.
Food grade ceramic nail, Borosilicate glass bubbler, ECO dabbing.
Recommend Watt :
A ceramic coil   :19-27W
Quartz coil        : 30-80W